(Mobile Legends) Use Twilight Armor to Face These 7 Heroes!

– Here are the Mobile Legends heroes that you have to face with Twilight Armor!
– These heroes generally rely on critical-based attacks and high Burst Damage.

Twilight Armor represents defensive item which is used to face the Hero Mobile Legends with high physical damage. Item This can provide 1200 HP, 400 Mana, and 20% reduction in critical damage which is perfect for Tanks or Fighters.

Usually, item for $ 2100, it is purchased to reduce attacks by heroes who have a high Burst Damage rate. Because, Twilight Armor has a passive effect that can reduce the incoming Physical Damage of up to 900 points. Thus, item This is relied on to reduce the number damage which the enemy can produce with a very significant significance.

Then, Hero Mobile Legends what kind of attacks can the Twilight Armor effectively suppress? Check out the following list, yes!

1. Aldous

Aldous Mobile Legends.

Aldous Mobile Legends. Via


Player Mobile Legends already definitely know this one Hero. Because, Aldous became one of the heroes most feared (by the Epic boy) because damagenonsense on late game.

With skill – Soul Steal, Aldous can deal very high Physical Damage in one attack. If the stack has been fulfilled enough, Aldous can produce damage very large without the need for item damage though. Naturally, if Twilight Armor must be purchased to reduce Aldous attacks.

With a passive ability – Defiance, the amount of Physical Damage from Soul Steal will be greatly reduced. This condition makes Aldous attack will decrease considerably. Aldous was guaranteed not to be able to do so one-hit kill when there’s Twilight Armor.

2. Bruno

Bruno Mobile Legends.

Bruno Mobile Legends. Via


Bruno is a Hero Marksman who relies heavily on Burst Damage and critical attacks. With a high level of physical damage, Bruno is a pretty terrifying Hero Core. Especially if item needed like Berserker’s Fury has already been purchased.

In an effort to reduce the amount of damage, Twilight Armor can be an ideal item choice. Because, Twilight Armor can reduce the Burst Damage achievement and reduce the critical attack achievement.

Usually, Twilight Armor is also effective in combination with Dominance Ice which can reduce the enemy’s attack speed. With Dominance Ice’s help, accumulated damage-per-second (DPS) from Bruno can also be significantly reduced due to the reduced attack speed. The combination of Twilight Armor and Dominance Ice can effectively reduce Bruno’s attack power.

3. Helcurt

Helcurt Mobile Legends.

Helcurt Mobile Legends. Via

As a Hero Assassin, Helcurt is endowed with high Burst Damage abilities. With skill 2 – Deadly Stinger, Helcurt can deal high physical damage in the blink of an eye to enemy heroes.

Plus, Helcurt is also equipped with abilities silence and blink which allowed him to initiate attacks. No wonder, Helcurt is one of the most feared Hero Assassins today.

In an effort to reduce Helcurt’s Physical Attack, we can use Twilight Armor. Deadly Stinger’s Burst Damage can be reduced quite a lot thanks to its passive ability – Defiance.

4. Granger

Granger Mobile Legends.

Granger Mobile Legends. Via

Granger becomes Hero Marksman whose attacks can be reduced very effectively by Twilight Armor. As a Marksman, Granger only relies on the high Burst Damage achievement. With a combination of skills – Rondo and Rhapsody, Granger can seriously injure his opponent.

Not to mention, the physical damage achieved by the Death Sonata is very deadly. Luckily, Twilight Armor can reduce 900 Physical Damage from Granger easily.

Granger also often relies on critical attacks from build item. With a reduction in critical attacks, Twilight Armor can reduce Granger’s attack power quite effectively. Hero Tank or Fighter is guaranteed not to be easily killed when it comes to dealing with Granger.

5. Ling

Ling Mobile Legends.

Ling Mobile Legends.

Ling was known as a very cunning “killer.” As an assassin, Ling was extremely agile and difficult to catch. Besides, with skill 1 – Defiant Sword and Ulti, Tempest of Blades, Ling can deal high physical damage very quickly.

To avoid the risk of death when fighting Ling, you can rely on the Twilight Armor which is very effective to reduce total Physical Damage from skill Ling. Because, Ling is one of the heroes who rely on critical attacks on skill-his.

In skill – Cloud Walker and Finch Poise, Ling get an additional chance of a high enough critical attack. Added with item supporting critical, Ling will rely heavily on critical attacks to finish off the enemy. To anticipate this attack, Twilight Armor can be a suitable defensive item choice. Because, this defensive item can reduce 20% of critical attacks.

6. Lesley

Lesley Mobile Legends.

Lesley Mobile Legends. Via

As a Hero Core, Lesley relies heavily on the achievement of critical attacks. The combination of skills – Lethal Shot and Master of Camouflage is the main source of production damage for Lesley. With duration cooldown two seconds, Lesley can do spam and fired a critical attack with a very high gain.

With this attack style, Lesley has a very high total physical damage when attacking enemies. Especially if the user understands the combination skill passive and 1. Damage generated in late game also could be a scourge for the enemy team.

To reduce Lesley’s attacks, Twilight Armor is a great defensive item which is very precise. With the ability to cut 20% critical attacks, Lesley’s critical attack will decrease drastically. In addition, Twilight Armor also has a passive ability – a very effective Defiance to reduce the physical damage from Lesley which is quite high.

7. Brody

Brody Mobile Legends.

Brody Mobile Legends. Via

Brody is a Hero Marksman with a very unique fighting style. Instead of relying on DPS attacks, Brody relies heavily on Burst Damage. All because of the basic attack mechanism that uses the system channeling as appropriate skill.

However, this Burst Damage can produce very high Physical Damage. By relying on skill – Abyss Impact, Brody can provide very serious damage. Not to mention, Brody has extras damage from the Abyss Mark to attack the opponent.

Twilight Armor is an option defensive item ideal against Brody. Because, Twilight Armor can reduce total Physical Damage from Brody’s skill combination. In addition, Twilight Armor can also reduce Brody’s critical attack which is known to be very large and deadly. By relying on the Twilight Armor, you are guaranteed not to be easily killed when you have to fight Brody.


As defensive item, Twilight Armor is a conditionally purchased item. When dealing with a Hero Core that relies on Burst Damage (Physical Attack) and critical attacks, Twilight Armor can be an option. item which is very precise.

However, you must know that the Twilight Armor is not effective against heroes who rely on magical damage. Other than that, item this also becomes ineffective when dealing with DPS heroes like Karrie or Claude. Therefore, combining it with Dominance Ice makes Twilight Armor even more effective.

What do you think about the rows of heroes whose attacks can be suppressed by the Twilight Armor above? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest information about Mobile Legends only at KINCIR, yes!