(Mobile Legends) 12 Heroes in Mobile Legends Are Not Being Released!

– This Hero Mobile Legends only exists as a concept.
– There are those who fail to release for fear of causing controversy and cultural conflict, you know!

As a game development company, failure to carry the concept of character in-game in Mobile Legends aka Hero might be familiar to Moonton. As a result, these concepts are stored in an archive and used as a failure model for the developer. The reason is, not a few Hero models have finally been completely overhauled or canceled to release to the main server.

In a site fandomSome of the canceled Hero concepts were revealed and there was even an early Hero model Mobile Legends which was far different from what we know today. Those who fail to release this are usually always shown first through a survey.

So that you are not curious, KINCIR will provide a list of Hero concepts Mobile Legends which failed to release. Without the need to linger any longer, immediately refer to the following article.

1. Hang Tuah has actually been announced to be released to advanced server. Unfortunately, there have been many protests against the Hero’s design from players in Indonesia. Finally Moonton also canceled the production of making Hang Tuah.

Hang Tuah Mobile Legends Model.

Hang Tuah Mobile Legends Model. Via

From this concept, Indonesian players are focused on the weapon used by Hang Tuah in the form of a keris. The reason is, Hang Tuah is staying as a Hero from Malaysia while Keris comes from Indonesia. Maybe Moonton didn’t want to release it because he didn’t want to create controversy.

2. From the survey results MLBB Hero, this one character concept was released at the same time as Lesley’s model. With a large sword with armor it looks like this Hero is planned to become a Fighter.

Hero Mobile Legends Model.

Hero Mobile Legends Model. Via

Looks like Grock, huh!

3. Another hero that failed to be released appears at the same time concept art Helcurt releases. Unfortunately, the information about this one girl Hero is not very clear because it is only displayed conceptually. If you look a little bit, maybe this Hero is the forerunner of Kadita.

Hero model is similar to Kadita.

Hero model is similar to Kadita. Via

4. When you see the Hero design this one feels a little familiar. With a weapon in the form of a musical instrument, the design is very similar to Granger. Who knows, this model is the initial concept from Granger before it is completely overhauled as it is now.

Hero concept familiar with Granger.

Hero concept familiar with Granger. Via

5. The atmosphere of Egyptian civilization is very pronounced when you see this Hero concept. Even though this hero is enough horrified if you see the design. If you look around, this Hero is very similar to Zhask but with a different nuance.

Initial Hero Design in Mobile Legends.

Initial Hero Design in Mobile Legends. Via

6. This model of a fighter with a robe of oriental nuances might have been predicted to be a member of the Oriental Fighters. It’s possible that Ling or Yu Zhong’s existence was displaced.

The concept of Hero Mobile Legends.

The concept of Hero Mobile Legends. Via

7. The appearance of a child on this one reminds us enough of Harith. You see, this character is shown to have magical powers because he holds two orbs-shaped energies.

Hero Design Failed Mobile Legends.

Hero Design Failed Mobile Legends. Via

It’s also the same as Lolita, though!

8. The big robot with the driver on it is very similar to Jawhead. However, this concept was canceled and Moonton prefers a robot look with small children to match lore it has.

The initial concept of Jawhead Mobile Legends.

The initial concept of Jawhead Mobile Legends. Via

9. First released in the Hero survey, this character is described as coming from Northern Vale. This beast and child pairing turned out to be an early design from Popol & Kupa.

Popol & Kuppa designs before release.

Popol & Kuppa designs before release. Via

If it is adjusted to role Northern Vale area, the wolf accompanying Popol is indeed the most dangerous beast in the area. In fact, Freya almost fell prey when fighting with the Valkryie nation. If transformed into a polar bear, his cute impression would definitely not harmonize with lore.

10. If you look at the model display, this Hero seems to come from the Moniyan imperial army where the LIghtborn Squad troops serve. Unfortunately, there is no further information about this Hero.

Mobile Legends Character Failed to Release.

Mobile Legends Character Failed to Release. Via

11. From her stature, this graceful girl with thorn robes is similar to Esmeralda. The reason is, if you can imagine skill the two Esmeraldas were quite a match as the circular motion would turn the robe into a lethal weapon. However, this Hero was left alone and was not followed by Moonton.

The Hero model is a blend of Esmeralda and Yu Zhong.

The Hero model is a blend of Esmeralda and Yu Zhong. Via

12. Seeing how it looks, this Hero is similar to Karrie. The shape of the legs that resemble animals and the weapons in both hands are sufficient to illustrate that this character comes from the Yasson race which is the race of Karrie.

So far, in the Land of Dawn no Yasson race has fought other than Karrie alone.


Apart from Hang Tuah, the rest of the Hero concept is most likely the initial designs of some of the heroes that have been released on server main. Because some of the looks can be said to be similar to Kadita, Granger, even Zhask.

Hang Tuah already has a display design as well skill, even loreMoonton has also made it. Unfortunately, due to protests this Hero was not released and its existence was replaced by Badang.

After seeing this failed Hero design, which one is the coolest? Please write your answer in the comments column, yes! Don’t forget to keep an eye on KINCIR so you don’t miss the latest news about games and other esports.